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F506 (OBD2, J1708, J1939, Isuzu, Hino, Fuso, UD) all-in-one code reader
-Passenger cars, SUV’s Pickup Trucks, Vans
-Tow trucks, recreational vehicles, cement trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, buses, step vans, municipal vehicles, refrigerated trucks, and conventional trucks.
-Heavy-Duty Standard compliant construction, marine, agriculture, and other industrial machinery and equipment.
-Diesel engines
-Transmission, ABS, Cabin Chassis
SAE J1850PWM, SAE J1850 VPW, IS0 14230-4, IS0 9141-2,IS0 15765-4, SAE J1708, SAE J1939, OBDII

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FVCI - FCAR PassThru J2534 Reflash/Diagnostics VCI

1.   Product Description
FVCI is an advanced PASS-THRU device researched and developed by FCAR. This product is designed with three ARM microprocessors, which makes its processing capacity and extensibility stronger, and enables it to support the OEM software better. It supports J2534-1 protocol completely and incorporates many optional features published in J2534-2. It will support other protocols for free later. In addition, the hardware of FVCI supports multiple communication modes of DOIP protocol, and any combination of Ethernet(tx_+, tx_-, rx_+, rx_-) and active line in OBD2 is viable, except for ground pins and power pins.

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F7S-D, a brand new FCAR diagnostic tablet platform, based on Android system communicate via WIFI and Bluetooth, powerful basic and special functions for all vehicles, diagram wiring, remote support and online update, provides customers with all-in-one diagnostic solutions and maintenance service.


Tablet CPU Freescale Semiconductor (Quad-core ),I.MX6Q,1.2GHz,
Operation System Android 4.3
Screen Size 10.1'   16:10  ,1280*800   IPS
Storage capacity RAM:2GB ;ROM  :32GB   
WIFI WIFI 802.11(a/b/g/n)   Frequency 2.4G+5.8G dual band WIFI,
Bluetooth BT4.0 (BLE) class1 transmission distance:10m
Battery Lithium-ion polymer battery,3.7V/10000mAh
Operate Temperature -10 °C to 50 °C  14 °F to 122 °F
Store Temperature -30 °C to 70 °C / -4°F to 140 °F

1.Special functions: cylinder cutout, injector programming, DPF active regeneration & reset, parameters reset, oil change reset, maintenance light reset and clutch adjustment.
2. Vast vehicle coverage: support all kinds of electronic control system diagnosis of diesel engines from Europe, America and Asia, and support a variety of protocols like standard high & low Can-Bus, J1587, J1939 and other communication protocols. 
3. Basic functions: read/clear DTC, read data stream, read system information, action test.
4. Real-time tech-support: Instant remote technical support via Teamviewer, Skype, Whatsapp etc.
5. Easy Feedback: feedback problem with a single click
6. Easy update: Update software with a single click
7. Rich data bank: Online technical information and wiring diagram
8. All-in-one diagnostic solution system for automotive aftermarket workshop
Special function of F7S-D:

Cylinder cutout, injector programming, DPF active regeneration & reset, parameters reset, oil change reset, maintenance light reset and clutch adjustment  


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